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As some of you may know, Fighter’s Corner is a family operated small business.  Prior to our owner, Mark, entering the Honolulu Fire Department and the birth of our son, we were able to keep consistent store business hours to serve our customers.  However, since beginning his career as a Fire Fighter, the birth of our son and the anticipation for the arrival of our next son we have not been able to stay completely consistent with our store hours.  Additionally, there will be more adjustments to our hours on certain days in the months ahead.  We understand this can be frustrating and confusing and we apologize.  Therefore we have created a calendar for you to reference to confirm our hours for the day you need to come in. We hope this alleviates some of the frustration our inconsistency has caused.   Again, we thank you for your understanding and patience during these amazing life changes for us.  We look forward to serving you!


Please keep in mind, that unless there is a notation on the calendar, our normal business hours apply.  The normal business hours are Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm and Sundays 10am-2pm.  Please also note that there may be times where an emergency may cause us to close the store with little to no notice at all.


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